Hi and welcome, we are Element Yoga Montreal, a community yoga centre located in Pointe St. Charles, Montreal. We have opened a vibrant, and inclusive space offering resources to inspire a more connected and engaged life. We believe in authenticity, kindness, care, and respect. These are the foundations of our project – a safe space for practice, inquiry, community, playfulness, and connection.


Inclusiveness • Accessibility • Creating a Safe Space • Non-harm (Ahimsa) • Integrity
Personal Connection • Authenticity • Openness • Creativity • Communication

We celebrate diversity by welcoming any student regardless of gender, race, ethnicity,
religious affiliation, sexual orientation, financial status, age, political belief, or physical limitation.


We treat all students with respect.


We create a safe space for all students


We teach in a way that supports the health and understanding of wellbeing of each student.


We refrain from acting in a way that may cause harm to others or ourselves.


We teach directly from our personal experiences, practices and educations to the best of our abilities.
We honour what it is we do know, and what we don’t. We are not afraid to admit when we don’t know something,
and will do our best to find answers to the questions that we don’t know.


We believe in development, sustainability and regeneration, and strive to create a community
that is mutually supportive, proactive, and celebrates creativity.