Create a Balanced Ecosystem: Understanding Opposites – Natalie Kakon

A teacher once said our brains can only focus on one thought at a time. Because of this it’s important to think about opposites when reflecting upon our emotions, our intentions and so on. I could not agree more. The reason behind this is, when we think in opposites, our brain, in order to compute two thoughts has to create a correlation, an experience between the two. Creating a ground for balance.

Let’s talk about Homeostasis in the body. In order for us to comprehend this, we must first understand the extremes in both situations, Acidic and Alkaline. Once our brains wrap around this, our body creates the perfect PH system (ecosystem) for us to live in. However, we are not perfect beings and sometimes we are more acidic or more alkaline depending on the given moment. Yet, even when we see-saw, because our bodies understand the dangers of these extremes, it continuously works to make sure we stay within our proper PH. Of course, what we put into our bodies will definitely affect how this system maintains itself.

Let’s take it one step further, If we look at the yin and yang symbol, we notice that even in the light there is a little bit of dark and in the dark, a little bit of light. An important fact to remember. Just like in our daily lives, we can appreciate the sun because we have felt the rain, we can appreciate the daylight, because we have felt and lived through the long and dark winter months. In opposites, we grow experiences and through them we can create our perfect balance, our ground, our own ecosystem that we would like to live in.

A lot of people are attached to finding happiness, and that is amazing, however in order to find happiness, we now understand, that there is a journey out of sadness, out of our darkness and into the light. When we are journeying through ourselves and want to create an intention to be a more balanced human being or to create more happiness in ourselves, we need to start from somewhere. It’s important to remember where we came from, so, we can see, where we are going. To not fault ourselves or blame ourselves for living in shadow ground for a while, but to know that these shadows are what is going to help us appreciate and feel the light. Of course, it’s amazing to always want to be happy and joyful, but again, the way we feel happiness and joy is directly related to our experience out of Sadness and Sorrow.

If we do not understand that light is born out of darkness and vice versa, then it would be very difficult to find balance in our body, in our emotions and in our ecosystem. For this reason, we should not shy away from our shadows but embrace them, for they are our teachers and our guides toward the balance that we seek.